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The end result is surely an amp that achieves a particularly contact sensitive, total-bodied “milkshake thick” overdrive when pushed, with out ever losing its outstanding clarity and definition. In a nutshell, a completely new and original classic.

Constantly improved to have confidence in your ears than to stick to a default assumption that a 0 or fifty% placing of the dial that does not exist is modelling the actual factor (w/o a dial).

A choose-no-prisoners distortion device for the most aggressive shred and nu-metal gamers around the planet. Together with its unprecedented levels of highly saturated achieve, this amp packs the eviscerating bass response required to put this sort of tunes across on the massive stage.

Never to be outdone because of the Brits, the colonies came up with their own twist over the fuzz rage. Mike Mathews and his band of merry Gentlemen at Electro-Harmonix® were cooking up a number of nifty outcomes when their consideration turned to the distortion/fuzz pedal.


*All merchandise names used On this document are emblems in their respective entrepreneurs, which might be by no means associated or affiliated with Line 6.

So, for the AC-15, the grasp quantity is article-period-inverter in the full amp product. This allow the user to make use of the Drive knob to hit just the Stage Inverter tubes more durable. Even so, In this particular amp the power tubes can distort quite a bit. When This get more info really is combined with The reality that the preamp doesn't distort a whole whole lot on its own, it could create a situation exactly where turning the preamp up as well as the learn quantity down will cleanse up the audio quite a bit.

An extremely exciting adjudication by the Advertising and marketing Standards Authority from Synexus was published right now about 3 in their adverts:

Employing a quad of 6L6 output tubes for mammoth lows and gut-thumping punch, and four 12AX7 preamp tubes for scorched-earth get stages, the Fireball a hundred However provides terrific refinement and articulation to this intense genre, features shocking flexibility, and it has attained its maintain within the rigs of several reducing-edge shredmeisters (Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Morse).

The FUZZ portion is switched on through a 2nd stomp change and has It is individual Amount knob to control the Fuzz quantity independently from the Overdrive.

The TONE knob on Vermin Design according to* the Rat product functions like the first's "filter" control, providing you with brighter tone at decrease options, and darker tone at larger options. After bitten, you are going to know why get more info we simply call this one "tone with tooth!"

You are able to dial Pretty much anything from slight distorted seem to complete horrible buzzing seem. Rock, steel - it addresses all the things. Frequencies of your EQ matched in a way to make bass Reduce as a result of both equally in a combination and live circumstances. You'll be able to sharpen your tone by including Mids and Highs or enable it to be softer by cutting down Highs and adding a bit extra Lows. It is actually capable to operate with 9 and 12V that provides a tiny bit a lot more obtain and headroom.


It is a bass-weighty amp ; Lowering Bass could be a great suggestion. Great for clear tones along with rock tones

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